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Day 15 – The Lucky T-Shirt January 9, 2012

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Economics/Statistics and my third Spanish class were awesome and I am pumped to start two more classes tomorrow. Today I wore my lucky shirt for the first day of class, like I have every semester thus far in college. All the way through high school I wore this shirt when I was going out, hanging out, and doing anything I might be nervous about. This shirt even took me through my drivers test. I found it in a thrift store and has since searched high and low to find any other shirt with the same logo. It has been a conversation starter with friends, teachers, and the drummer for one of my favorite bands. This shirt is a part of my “really cool Meat Puppets shirt story”. Before I tell the story, do your homework and look them up. Long live The Beatles. Long live Kelly Green. Long live the lucky shirt. And if anyone finds this shirt in any size or color, but with this design on it let me know!

Thrifted lucky shirt, Target grey shirt, New York & Co. khakis (great for short people), Vans.



Day 14 – The Monday to Start All Mondays January 8, 2012

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School starts tomorrow! I have loaded my new bag (blue and orange plaid y’all), picked out what to wear (lucky shirt included), read over my syllabi (very comforting), and avoided panic (it’s all about confidence). I am on it. I am ready. It is on like Donkey Kong. 6:15am will start the next chapter of my college career. I feel a little like I did on my first day at Forsyth Tech, but with a better sense of control. It’s a good feeling.

Like I said before I  have the best story for this shirt, but 1am is not the time for stories. Wish me luck guys! Good luck to you all.


Day 13 – Ready, Set, Go to Sleep

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After a great weekend with great people I am officially short on sleep, which is a bad thing considering I start school on Monday. But my weekend was great, and I am looking forward to a wonderful semester meeting some wonderful people.  I hope everyone has an awesome start to the semester!


Day 11 – Frustration and Bad Dreams January 6, 2012

Yesterday and today were consumed by orientation and a zig-zag across campus to various offices. Frustrating? Yes. Worth it? Yes. Am I done yet? Haha that’s a funny question. Here’s a tip: When the an office at school get something wrong, or you do, it is okay to get frustrated; but only on the inside. The end of yesterday was very frustrating but I got it all worked out without freaking. As soon as one says “I am so frustrated” it becomes true and it makes things more frustrating and that is where freaking comes from. Sometimes people are rude (which no has been so far at UNCG), sometimes things come up and an adviser isn’t available, and sometimes it seems like every single class is full. Things do tend to work out. I am in my third year of college and I can promise that things do tend to work out. Not always but usually. Last night I had a dream that I was told by these giggly girls that I failed an entrance exam and couldn’t take classes. Dreams like that are why we avoid freaking.

I promise I am not breaking anything in the photo, I had to take the picture myself so I decided to get creative. Wearing a thrifted Gap sweater, Costco cami, hand-me-down jeans, and Doc Marten hiking boots. My Doc Martens I super comfortable, though not the most fashionable style. I will make them stylish if I have to, they are that awesome.

In the photo: A very sleepy me, hand-me-down sweater, thrifted Levi’s, and Vans. I am having this internal battle over whether or not it is okay to wear Vans and skinny jeans, it’s very 15-year-old skater emo kid to me. Maybe I can pull it off? Maybe if Shaun White can I can too!


Day 9 – The Iowa Caucus January 4, 2012

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OH MY GOODNESS. Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney had a 5 vote divide at one point. Five votes! Right now as I write it is a 34 vote lead for Santorum but there is still 1% to be counted. I don’t understand getting all excited over sports but this stuff is a thrill ride. Let me tell you I am not a Romney fan but if he wins tonight he will be pretty unstoppable. This, ladies and gentleman is why we vote.

Today was a day of phone calls and house work and my outfit shows it. I love this shirt though, it’s the classic Devo shirt but with a Chimp and it says Devolve. When my sister was taking the picture my 86lb American Bulldog walked up to see what I was doing and she was giving me the cutest look.


Day 8 – A Barefoot day, Straight Hair, and the Iowa Caucus January 2, 2012

I missed yesterday!!! Such a shame I fell off the horse. We’ll call it a holiday and move on. Today was a very slow day, ending with me playing with a hair straightener and listening to news on the Iowa Caucus. I don’t know what’s going to come out of tomorrow, but I’m thinking Romney is going to get the nomination. Who wins the election in November I cannot guess. The best thing that can been done for the future of our country is to start with a positive attitude and think with progressive mind. I could go on but I feel like that would up my blood pressure which is ill advised before bed.

In the photo my shoes custom, my pants I got at goodwill for a Freddie Mercury costume, Old Navy shirt, Target sweater, and with straight hair. This is history guys, I have never been able to straighten my hair.

I will have more to say on the Iowa Caucus, just you guys wait!


Day 6 – Happy New Year! December 31, 2011

Last year my resolution was to blog more, do more interviews, and to be happier. I did exactly 0 interviews but I have been blogging more and I am in a very happy place in my life. This year my resolution is the same but I will include relax more, make more lists, be a little less shy with new people, and to keep a clean room. I am looking forward to a new school, new friends, new adventures, and an election. If 2012 doesn’t end the world then things should go pretty well! To all who are reading this congratulations on making it another year and good luck with the next one!

Tonight I’m going to a party and spending the night with my lady friends so I got all dolled up.

The shoes are Candies from Khols, Target tights borrowed from my sister, and a thrifted dress. My hair is pleasantly wet so it should be doubling in size in the next couple of hours!